A little about me. 

     Hi, my name is William Benjamin and my passion is gaming! My story is like any other I would assume.  As a millennial, I was raised with technology all around but I gravitated towards video games. Yes, like any other kid, I played them everyday but unlike them I wanted to change what I played. Even before I got my degree, I would help others mod games and even come up with documentation to follow. Being a part of a team that creates inspiring experiences will be a dream come true for me.

      I am a creative game designer successful in prototyping rich environments with interesting quest, and environmental designs. Achieve targets by skillfully managing design, programming, and testing teams. Focused on creating user-friendly, fun video games. Willing to take on any task to support team and help business succeed. I am detail-oriented quality assurance team member skilled at evaluating programs, identifying causes and locating root issues. Meet all testing needs with manual and automated solutions.

      Current student working toward my Bachelors in Game Design and looking for an opportunity to begin my career in the field. Identifying and quickly closing any knowledge gaps to offer value to my employer and team. Reliable candidate ready to take on challenges in a position using problem-solving and task prioritization skills to help the team succeed.